Electrical equipment means equipment for the generation, distribution or use of electricity
and Instrumentation is used to monitor and control the process plant in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Instrumentation
ensures that the plant operates within defined parameters to produce materials of consistent quality and within the required
specifications. Instrumentation comprises sensor elements, signal transmitters, controllers, indicators and alarms, actuated valves,
logic circuits and operator interfaces.
• Generators
• Heat Exchangers
• Metering Devices
• Conductors
• Overhead Line Fault Indicators
• Power Transmission Equipment
• Protective Relays
• Switches
• Test Equipment
• Transformers
• Wire Control Systems & Wire Products
• Batteries & Battery Chargers
• Cable Trays
• Circuit Breakers
• Shut-Down System
• Conductors
• Electrical Cables
• Electric Motors
• Level switch
• Transmitter
• Load cell
• Thermocouple